May 18, 2017
Expert Voices

We aren't ready to engineer the climate

Our Axios Voices conversation on geoengineering.

There is no comprehensive, multilateral governance of technology to temporarily cool the planet via solar engineering. Scientists have been talking about this technology for five decades, but there has been insufficient policy discussion by governments and non-state actors. This issue is too important to be left to scientists alone.

Big questions: Some argue that ignoring technologies that might lower temperatures would be irresponsible. But the potential benefits of solar engineering claimed by others come with huge challenges and risks – known and unknown. Does research divert attention from what we know works: eliminating emissions and adapting to climate impacts? Would unequal impacts further disadvantage the poorest? Is humanity capable of intentionally engineering such a complex, carefully balanced system? On whose behalf? What global governance would be needed to monitor such a technology?

The bottom line: We face a risky future, and governance is essential to reduce those risks.

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