Jun 6, 2017 - Economy

U.S. workers hopeful to finally secure paid family leave

Workers in the U.S. could finally win a prized benefit enjoyed by citizens of every other wealthy country in the world: mandatory paid parental leave.

The Trump Administration has embraced the idea that federal government should mandate six weeks of paid leave — a move that contradicts decades of Republican orthodoxy. And workers interviewed Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal are welcoming the prospect with open arms.Tiffani Hyltonfell, who was forced to take unpaid leave from her job at Walmart last year after becoming a new mother said, "Six weeks fully paid, that would have saved me months of stress. It would have kept us from being stuck in extra debt for months on end, worrying about how we were going to pay for food and diapers."

Why it matters: It's inconceivable that such a measure, which the administration says will cost $19 billion over ten years, would have gotten any Republican support without the president's championing.

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