Apr 24, 2017 - Technology

Uber hit with driver lawsuit over anti-Lyft program

Richard Vogel / AP

A former Lyft driver in California has filed a potential class action lawsuit against Uber over the ride-hailing company's secret program that tracked Lyft drivers. The former driver is seeking compensation for Uber's breach of his privacy, which includes violations of several federal and state laws.

Uber tactics: Uber's ultra-competitive streak is well known, and this isn't the first time the company has used stealth software tools and aggressive tactics to evade regulators or competitors. This lawsuit is also coming at a time when Uber's competitive tactics have come under unusual scrutiny as it's busy fighting off a trade secret theft lawsuit from Alphabet's self-driving car unit, and working to finish a highly anticipated investigation into recent allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Uber declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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