May 26, 2017

Twitter thinks it knows what Andy Rubin is up to


Andy Rubin said Wednesday that next week he will spill the beans on his secretive startup, Essential. But he's already tipped his hand a bit.A couple hours after Rubin's tweet, Essential posted a silhouette image of what looks like a smartphone and a big antenna bump. But the company's followers were not stumped. They zoomed in and were able to make out a lens. Combined with an earlier image that Rubin had tweeted, many deduced that it was a 360-degree camera attached to the company's still-unannounced phone.That silhouette reminded me of another attachment to another Andy Rubin-made smartphone — the camera that adorned the early Danger Hiptop. The first camera took postage-stamp size images (120 pixels by 90 pixels) and plugged into the phone's headphone jack.

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