Aug 15, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump denies Walmart CEO's claim that he failed to unite the country

When asked about whether Trump agrees with Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart's CEO, that he "missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together," after the "Unite the Right" rally violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump deflected and answered with statistics about the economy.

Why it matters: This is a time when most people — Trump-base or not — look to the president for reassurance and leadership in some form, but Trump just shed his presidential responsibility to unite America. And keep in mind, the whole reason reporters are asking the question about unity in the first place is due to white supremacist rallies and counter protests showing very clearly there is a lack of unity in America right now.

McMillon's statement comes amid a series of CEO departures from Trump's special councils, one of which McMillon is a member of, and Trump hit back today saying they're leaving due to "embarrassment."

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