Oct 17, 2017

Trump calls Alexander-Murray deal a good short-term solution

President Trump said Tuesday he supports the bipartisan health care plan from Sens. Murray and Alexander as a short-term, 1- or 2-year deal, but said the ultimate health care solution is "essentially" the Graham-Cassidy plan.

Trump's quote: "This is a short-term deal because we think that, ultimately, block grants [for the states] are going to be the answer."

Highlights from Trump's press conference with Greece's Prime Minister Tsipras:

  • On Tsipras's comments during Trump's campaign that a Trump presidency would be "evil": The Greek Prime Minister repeated that the two world leaders had a productive meeting. Trump joked, "I wish I'd known that" before my speech ... "A number of countries were nervous" at first.
  • On the markets: "The stock market hit an all-time record high. I hope that Greece is going to be doing the same thing very soon," Trump said.
  • On Greece's defense budget: "I commend Greece for being one of the few NATO countries" spending at least 2% of GDP on defense.
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