Nov 11, 2017

Trump brags about "state plus plus" dinner in China

Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping attend at a state dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. Photo: Thomas Peter/Pool/AP

President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he got a "state plus plus" dinner in China, "which is very interesting."

The quote: "I do have a very good relationship with [Xi Jinping]. It's the biggest state—it's the biggest state entrance at the biggest state dinner they've ever had. By far. In China. He called it, 'state plus." In fact, he actually said, 'state plus plus,' which is very interesting. But he's, you know, look, again, he's a strong person, he's a very smart person. I like him a lot. He likes me. But we represent two very different countries but we get along very well. And that's a good thing that we get along. That's not a bad thing."

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