Mar 11, 2017

This week in Trumpland: AHCA-scuse me?

We're through week 7 in Trumpland — officially halfway through those vaunted first 100 days. And this week has been all about repealing Obamacare. (Seriously, did you see Paul Ryan's PowerPoint?) Well, except when it was about alleged Trump Tower wiretaps. Or when it was about WikiLeaks' newest dump on the CIA. Or when Sean Spicer's upside-down flag pin blew up Twitter. It's been a wild one, but then again, that's just the way Trumpland rolls

It's about TIME: President Trump loves seeing his face on magazine covers, especially TIME. And this week's cover sums up the first 7 weeks in Trumpland to a T. It'd be a crime not to share it with you…


Towergate: Did you forget about this one? It's okay if you did. Trump's tweets last Saturday morning were some of his most-talked about yet — for better or worse — alleging that President Obama had knowingly wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign. President Trump offered no proof. Obama wasn't pleased. It spurred a ton of chatter in Republican circles about the "Deep State" and a "shadow government." The tweets seemingly forced the White House to sideline the president publicly during a week where he needed to be doing his best to schmooze the public regarding his administration's biggest legislative move yet…

The art of repeal: Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare. Where to begin? The American Health Care Act that Rand Paul so desperately searched for last week finally got released — and a ton of conservatives hated it. (When you've lost Breitbart, it might not be going so well.) But Paul Ryan gave his PowerPoint to try to circle the wagons. Trump tried a different approach with bowling and beer. The bill is currently rushing at light speed through the house, and many lawmakers have likely been pretty grumpy this week due to a lack of sleep. Next week promises more fireworks as Capitol Hill awaits the Congressional Budget Office score.

Opening Vault 7: WikiLeaks posted a trove of documents alleging that the CIA — among other things — could listen to you through your smart TV, complete with a cute Doctor Who reference. Julian Assange held a buzzy press conference where he announced that he'd be working with tech companies to circumvent CIA hacking techniques in order to protect everyone's privacy. Assange isn't without his own agenda, and that left Trump in the awkward position of choosing between his frenemy, the intelligence community, or an organization leaking classified intelligence for which he'd previously declared his love. Sean Spicer punted instead to the Justice Department, and Ben Sasse wasn't about to let it go.

Department of Stasis: State Department briefings finally resumed this week! But that's probably the only good news going around in Foggy Bottom these days. State wasn't aware that the Mexican foreign minister was in town. Rex Tillerson wasn't — as of writing, maybe still isn't? — bringing press with him on his first big foreign trip to Asia next week. The Atlantic's big profile on the decimation of the department has been making the rounds on Twitter. It's definitely something worth considering as we beat on, hot takes against the content, borne back ceaselessly into Trumpland...

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