Mar 24, 2017 - Technology

The World Economic Forum opens SF center to study tech and society

The World Economic Forum, which hosts the exclusive annual retreat in Davos, Switzerland, is opening a new research center in San Francisco.

Its aim will be to study the impact of digital technologies like artificial intelligence and automation on societies and jobs, among other other related topics. The center plans to partner with a variety of organizations, from universities to tech companies, NGOs, and governments to work on these projects.

Why it matters: As it's become increasingly clear that technology's impact is accelerating, it's no surprise to see institutions try to get ahead of it and launch such studies. For example, in 2014, Stanford University announced its own 100-year project to track the effects of artificial intelligence on every aspect of people's lives. With that said, it's also unclear whether the center's studies will ultimately translate into significant policies on these areas.

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