Feb 11, 2017 - Economy

The tick-tock on Trump's surprise call to Beijing

The Weekly Standard has the inside scoop on yesterday's kerfuffle involving the president, the New York Times and a call to China:

  1. Times WH reporter Mark Landler reached out to the White House on Wednesday telling them he was working on a story about China's icy relations with Trump. Times reporter Maggie Haberman also reached out to a White House source on Thursday.
  2. Meanwhile, the White House succeeded in booking a call between Trump and Xi that they'd been working on for several days. It told neither of the Times reporters.
  3. Landler sent an email an hour before the call, asking about One China. No one responded, so they published.

The rest is public information. The White House released a readout from the call two hours after the Times story published. The Times promptly updated their story, but it was too late to fix the print edition, and Trump reads the Times in print.

Trump then tweeted that the story, which the White House was first informed about two days earlier — and about which it withheld relevant information from the reporters — was "FAKE NEWS."

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