Sep 17, 2017

The states where voters have the most control over the election

In her new book, Hillary Clinton expresses her displeasure with the Electoral College. Speaking to CNN this week, she said, "We've moved toward one-person, one-vote. That's how we select winners."

Why it matters: One of the major critiques of the Electoral College is that voters do not hold equal sway over the outcome of the election. Because each state has two senators, those two electoral votes represent an outsized proportion of the population in smaller states.

Where we're headed: As America continues to urbanize and sparsely populated states become even more sparsely populated, the split popular vote/electoral vote decisions could become the new normal in Republican-won elections.

From underrepresented to overrepresented, a look at the states in which voters have the most disproportional representation in the Electoral College:

Data: Dave Leip's Election Atlas; Table: Lazaro Gamio / Axios

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