Sep 17, 2017

The president's morning tweets

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning to discuss North Korea and retweet memes. Here's how to read his morning tweets:

The context: Trump is back to tweeting about "Crooked Hillary" after Clinton came out with a new book on the 2016 election. The original poster of this meme has tweeted racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic content in the past, BuzzFeed reports.

The context: North Korea responded to UN sanctions by firing another missile over Japan. The president's staff made the rounds on the Sunday shows this morning and interpreted this tweet as calling for urgent action against "Rocket Man," Kim Jong-Un.

The context: Trump retweeted his own Friday tweet, which was in response to the terror attacks in the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May appeared on ABC's This Week Sunday morning and said she and Trump "work very well together."

The context: The president retweeted several other memes from the account @Team_Trump45, including this one.

The context: Trump tweeted his endorsement of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for governor once again, after his original tweet spelled the candidate's name incorrectly, as "Shuette."

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