Sep 5, 2017

The op-eds on Trump's DREAMers decision

Alex Brandon / AP

L.A. Times lead print headline, "Trump plans a reprieve for young immigrants: He's expected to keep DACA intact for half a year to let Congress work on replacement."

BuzzFeed's Ben Smith, "Why Does Trump Always Shoot The Hostages? The president prepares to throw DREAMers' lives into chaos, his political goals unknown": "[I]f Trump kills DACA to please his base he'll be getting the worst of both political worlds. He'll inflict real pain on hundreds of thousands of people to reassure his 30-some percent that he's with them. And politically speaking, he'll have given up a bargaining chip for nothing, and spent away a bit more of his political capital."

Leon Panetta (former SecDef, CIA director and White House chief of staff) op-ed in WashPost, "What about the 'dreamers' who serve us?":

  • "In October 1921, my Italian father arrived in the United States aboard the Providence, one of 1,800 third-class passengers searching for a better life in this country. At Ellis Island, he listed his total assets as $25 and his profession simply as 'peasant.'"
  • "In 1942, after Pearl Harbor, some 10,000 Italians living in California coastal areas were targeted for removal because it was suspected that they would be a threat to the country during wartime."
  • "Fast-forward almost exactly 75 years, and again America is contemplating removing people who, though not citizens, have been living in the United States lawfully, serving as productive members of our society."
  • "The targeted population are the 'dreamers,' young men and women who were brought to the United States as children by their undocumented parents. They have attended school here, spoken English and grown up as Americans."
  • "Dreamers have shown high interest in military and national service. Many DACA recipients have participated in Junior ROTC."
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