Jan 17, 2017 - Health
Facts Matter

The Obamacare age mix hasn't changed — at all

The Issue

The Obama administration has been trying to goose the young adult signups so insurers will have more healthy customers.

The Facts

Obamacare signups are definitely outpacing last year, according to the latest enrollment report — 11.5 million signups so far. But if you look at the age mix, it's a different story. Compared to last year's report at this time, the share of customers in each age group is almost exactly the same.

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HHS data showing the percentage of the health insurance market occupied by each age demographic


Why It Matters

Experts are split on what this means for the future of the Obamacare marketplace. Supporters had hoped that this would make Obamacare harder to repeal, but making meaningful progress on this would have helped.

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