Nov 6, 2017

The most popular world leaders

From an analysis by Alexander Kliment and Gabe Lipton of Eurasia Group Media's Signal newsletter, here are some of the most popular leaders of the world's large countries:

Behind the numbers: Given that the state controls TV, where 90% of Russians get their news, Putin is certainly able to shape people's perceptions. But it would be a mistake to simply assume that this means his approval rating is "fake." Many Russians genuinely support him.

  • South Korea's Moon has won sympathy by taking a common man approach in sharp contrast to the aloof stylings of his predecessor, who was impeached for corruption.
  • Indonesia's Widodo has maintained his popularity by tackling corruption and improving people's standard of living.
  • In Marci's Argentina, the economy turned around just in time for his party to win important midterm elections late last month that will boost his efforts to reverse years of economic mismanagement by his predecessors.
  • And Trudeau's Canada has become the fastest growing economy among the world's seven advanced economies.

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