Aug 13, 2017

The Mooch's nickname for Mike Pence is "46"


Anthony Scaramucci held an informal Q&A session via Periscope today and he discussed everything from his time in the White House to his favorite sports team. But the most interesting part was when he talked about Vice President Mike Pence, and revealed he admires him so much, he nicknamed Pence "46" — as in, the next president. (He didn't suggest Pence would replace Trump, but just insinuated that he could be his successor.)

  • The Mooch also revealed Pence was the first person he apologized to after the New Yorker article came out detailing his vulgar comments to Ryan Lizza.
  • He said because Pence is a family man and someone who's probably never said those words "in private or in public," he felt compelled to apologize to him. Mooch said Pence "graciously" accepted his apology.
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