Nov 18, 2017

The gun control legislation even Republicans like

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy introduced a bill aimed to make it harder for individuals who shouldn't be able to purchase a gun to eventually get ahold of one, and it's quickly gaining support from Republicans, per The Atlantic.

Why it matters: The bill would make the federal background check system for gun sales more strict. This is particularly important to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle after it was revealed the Holland Air Force Base didn't update its database with relevant information about the Sutherland Springs church shooting suspect -- information that would have barred him from getting a gun.

This also matters because one GOP congressman told reporters a week after the church shooting that he worried the trend of not updating these databases is "a bigger problem than we've seen.

Lawmakers who support the bill: Democratic Sens. Murphy, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard Blumenthal, and Dianne Feinstein, and GOP Sens. John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Tim Scott, and Dean Heller.

GOP senators won't have to worry about supporting what might seem like a gun control bill. As Chris Cox of the NRA said in a statement to The Atlantic: "We applaud Sen. John Cornyn's efforts to ensure that the records of prohibited individuals are entered into NICS. The National Rifle Association has long supported the inclusion of all legitimate records in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System."

But its main setback from passing is getting support from congressional leadership. Mitch McConnell's spokesman told The Atlantic they're reviewing the bill, but some worry this legislation could stall in Congress like other attempts at gun legislation.

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