Nov 4, 2017

The DNC memo that started a brief Dem-on-Dem war

NBC News.

NBC's Alex Seitz-Wald posts a PDF of the Hillary-DNC agreement that caused an explosion of Dem-on-Dem fingerpointing after Donna Brazile exposed it in her book, "Hacks," out next Tuesday:

"The Democratic National Committee struck a deal with Hillary Clinton in 2015 that gave her campaign input on some party hiring and spending decisions, but required they be related only to preparations for the general election ... It also left the door open for other candidates to make similar arrangements."

Be smart: We're told by top Democrats that the revelation of the agreement, which left Bernie bros feeling vindicated and has given a handy new target to TrumpFox, means that no such agreements will be viable in 2020. The dynamics probably preclude it anyway — hard to see a clear-the-field frontrunner.

  • Brian Fallon, former Hillary campaign spokesman, told me, speaking for himself: "The agreement was not a secret, and the vote in the 2016 primary was certainly not rigged. But going forward, it may make sense to take another look at these joint fundraising agreements to ensure that the funds are properly set aside for use during the general election only, and to avoid any appearance issues."

One more thing: The Bernie Sanders campaign and the DNC signed a joint fundraising agreement that "does not include any language about coordinating on strategic decisions over hiring or budget," according to the ABC.

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