May 31, 2017

Suicide bomb rocks Kabul, Afghanistan

Rahmat Gul / AP

A reported suicide truck bombing during the peak of rush hour traffic has killed 80 and wounded hundreds more in the diplomatic area of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, according to multiple media reports.

  • The means of attack, per NYT: "Kabul's police chief, Gen. Hassan Shah Frogh, said the explosives had been in a tanker truck used to empty septic wells."
  • The aftermath, per AP: "[M]ost of the casualties were civilians, including women and children. ... images from the scene showed the German Embassy and several other embassies located in the area heavily damaged in the explosion. ... Local TV footage showed shocked residents soaked in blood stumbling about, then being ferried away to hospitals."
  • "The Afghan Taliban are denying any involvement... Both the Taliban and the Islamic State group have staged large-scale attacks in the Afghan capital in the past."
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