Oct 31, 2017 - Health

States expand lawsuit alleging price-fixing for generic drugs

State attorneys general are going after generic drug companies. Photo: Rick Bowmer / AP

Forty-six state attorneys general are expanding their lawsuit against generic pharmaceutical companies, alleging the firms colluded to jack up the prices of 15 generic drugs. Two top company executives — Mylan President Rajiv Malik (the No. 2 executive) and Emcure Pharmaceuticals CEO Satish Mehta — also were named as defendants.

Why it matters: States are not only bringing more generic companies into the suit, but also are levying allegations against top drug company executives. This goes to the top brass of the $75 billion generic drug market. And it's now the second time in a week, following the indictment of John Kapoor, that legal officials are going after pharmaceutical executives.

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