May 5, 2017

Spotify pushes European regulators on Google, Apple

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Spotify and a number of Europe-based internet firms are asking the European Commission to take a closer look at tech behemoths that may use their dominant positions to be "gatekeepers" that hamper competitors, FT reports.

While a letter to regulators doesn't cite Apple and Google by name, it says big internet platforms — including some mobile operating systems, app stores and search engines — "can and do abuse their privileged position." Together, Apple and Google control more than 90 percent of mobile operating systems and set the terms mobile service providers must follow.

Why now? The European Commission is considering overhauling digital policy. Proposals are due this year addressing the fairness of contractual agreements required by major platforms.

Last year Spotify tussled wth Apple after the music-streaming service said Apple blocked a new version of it's iPhone app, making it harder for its service to reach users.

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