Apr 26, 2017 - Technology

Slack releases new diversity data with a twist

Mark Lennihan / AP

Slack, the popular workplace chat tool, has released its second workforce diversity report, and this year it has added data about employees identifying as LGBTQ and with disabilities. Overall, Slack's workforce gained a few more women in its technical and managerial ranks since the previous year, though its total percentage of female employees remained the same.

And while it does have a slightly more racially and ethnically diverse workforce than other tech companies that have released reports, most of Slack's employees are still white or Asian across all ranks and functions.

The data:

  • Gender: 43.5% of employees globally are women, unchanged from previous report.48.1% of managers are women, up from 43% last year. 29.8% of technical employees are women, up from 24.5%, last year.
  • Race/ethnicity: 11.5% of our workforce are people from one or more underrepresented racial and/or ethnic groups.10.7% of U.S. managers are from underrepresented racial and/or ethnic backgrounds. 11.4% of U.S. technical employees are people from underrepresented racial and/or ethnic groups.
  • LGBTQ and employees with disabilities:7.8% of U.S. employees and 7.6% of U.S. managers identify as LGBTQ. 1.7% of U.S. employees identify as having a disability.
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