Aug 30, 2017

Six-second ads coming to Fox's NFL coverage this fall

Jim Mone / AP

Fox is bringing six-second ads to NFL games this fall, the NY Times reports. The network will offer the short spots alongside more traditional 15 and 30-second spots.

They first tested six-second ad breaks during the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month, and reportedly charged $75,000 per six-second ad. Sources tell NYT that these ads could cost up to $200,000 each and will be introduced in coverage of other sports, like baseball, beginning this September. As the NYT points out, 15-second ads have been gaining more traction in recent years.

Why it matters: Fox is the first network to push the shorter ad format to TV, in an effort to lure back audiences that had become accustomed to the shorter ad breaks on social media. Earlier this year, YouTube announced 6-second ad breaks for its platform, which is beginning to feature more TV-like content.

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