Nov 8, 2017

Senate won't release tax bill tomorrow

The Senate rollout will wait until a House committee is finished. Photo: Susan Walsh/AP

Correction: The Senate did release a detailed tax plan Thursday — just not in the form of bill text, which will come later. Details here.

The Senate won't release its version of the GOP tax bill tomorrow, according to a senior GOP aide. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said yesterday that the bill would come out on Thursday. The aide added that “senators will have information on the bill before they leave for the long weekend."

Senate Finance Committee aides did not respond to requests for comment, but another aide pointed out that historically, the committee has done conceptual markups of bills. It's unclear how detailed information members will get tomorrow.Why this matters: Both chambers are on very tight timelines and trying to strike very difficult policy balances. Getting both member and interest group support is likely going to revolve around details, which we may not see before the weekend.The aide said this wasn't a delay, because the release of the Senate bill was always going to start after the House Ways and Means Committee finished marking up its bill.

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