Jun 30, 2017

Senate GOP: Repeal then replace isn't happening

Harry Hamburg / AP

Senate Republican aides quickly shot down President Trump's tweet this morning, which said that if Senate Republicans can't pass their current health care bill, they should repeal the Affordable Care Act first and then replace it later.

  • "Not going to happen," said one senior GOP aide. "15 votes for that strategy. Which is why we are where we are."
  • Another senior GOP aide went further, saying if the president continues his erratic messaging, "Not really seeing anything happening in July if this keeps up."
  • And a third GOP aide said the chances of repealing first and replacing later are "zero."

What to watch: If anything, this tweet only bolsters conservative holdouts' case against the current Senate health care bill. Seeing the president back their preferred strategy could make conservatives like Sens. Rand Paul and Ben Sasse less likely to give their support to leadership's plan.

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