Nov 1, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Scoop: Pro-Trump group plans 8-figure ad campaign for tax cuts

One of the biggest pro-Trump outside groups of 2016, backed by the Adelson and Ricketts families, plans to spend "eight figures" — at least $10 million — backing tax reform. The 45Committee is launching "The Middle Class Project," a 501(c)(4) with an opening TV spot, "What's In It For You," that will debut nationally with tomorrow's bill introduction. See it here.

Why it matters: The size of the spend — from some of the most important donors in the party — is correlated to the stakes: Republicans know this is existential for them. If they fail to pass tax reform on the heels of failing to repeal Obamacare, the GOP could might as well be renamed R.I.P.

The project will be run by Brian Baker, longtime Ricketts family political adviser, who also directed the 2016 campaign of the 45Committee and its affiliated super PAC, Future45.

The spending will be aimed at "Republicans and Democrats, including national and targeted advertising in key states and districts, grassroots efforts ... and a heavy investment in data and digital operations."

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