Oct 8, 2017

Scalise opposes new gun control laws

Rep. Steve Scalise, who is back in Congress following a long recovery from a gunshot wound, said "there are already limits on the gun ownership ... let's go out and enforce those laws" in response to the gun control debate after the Las Vegas shooting.

More from the interview:

  • On bump stock legislation: "A week ago, most people didn't know what a bump stock was. To think we're all now experts and know how to write some panacea law — it's fallacy."
  • On his recovery: "There was so much good that came out of a bad act."
  • On the gun control debate: "Minority leader Nancy Pelosi already said she wants it to be a slippery slope. She doesn't want to stop at bump stocks. They want to go out and limit the rights of gun owners."
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