Jul 14, 2017

Sandoval hasn't killed the health bill — yet

Stephan Savoia / AP

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is sounding deeply skeptical of the Senate health care bill because of its tight Medicaid spending limits — but he's not absolutely opposing it yet.

  • "Anybody can do the rudimentary math" on the new bill's addition of $70 billion to help state insurance markets vs. more than $700 billion in Medicaid savings, he told reporters this morning at the National Governors Association meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, per the Nevada Independent.
  • But Politico reports that Sandoval wouldn't say he opposes the bill. He's supposed to talk with Vice President Mike Pence at the governors' meeting.

Why it matters: Whatever Sandoval says will probably have a big influence on whether Sen. Dean Heller votes for the bill. If he votes against it — or against the motion to take up the bill — that would be enough to kill it.

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