Jun 30, 2017

Sanders: "Trump hasn't changed his mind on health care"

Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders opened Friday's off-camera briefing with a patriotic joke: "In honor of the Fourth of July, let's try to save all our fireworks for Tuesday."

  • On Trump's health care tweet: "The president hasn't changed his thinking at all... We're looking at every possible option for repealing and replacing ObamaCare."
  • On Medicaid cuts: "The priority is to protect everyone who is covered now, not throw anyone off."
  • Easy access to guns in Chicago: Crime in Chicago "is probably driven by morality more than anything else."
  • On steel tariffs: "No, at this point the president has not made a final decision."
  • EO on Space Council: Sanders closed the briefing early so she could attend Trump's signing of a space council executive order.
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