Jul 18, 2017

Sanders: "The only thing that's dead is Obamacare"

Alex Brandon / AP

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that President Trump is "not going to own the failure of Obamacare... [that] rests solely on the shoulders of Democrats." She also assured reporters that the health care effort will continue, "This is not a game-over situation." Other highlights from her off-camera briefing:

  • On death of Senate health bill: "The only thing that's dead is Obamacare." She later added that the ACA "is already going over the cliff and doesn't need a push by the president."
  • Would Trump sign a repeal-only bill? "We're certainly open to considering all options." Earlier, Trump said he wants to "let Obamacare fail."
  • Who is paying for Trump's lawyers? "I'm not sure what the structure is for that."
  • Will Trump personally push Congress to lift the debt ceiling? "We'll make those decisions as we get closer."
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