Apr 24, 2017

Republicans get details on latest health care compromise

AP file photo

Here is what House Republicans are being told this afternoon about the newest compromise by Reps. Tom MacArthur and Mark Meadows to get the GOP health care bill moving again, per a source familiar with the discussions:

  • States would be able to get waivers from two Affordable Care Act insurance regulations: the "essential health benefits" and the rule that older adults can't be charged more than three times as much as younger ones.
  • They'd also be able to get a waiver from the rule that people can't be charged more for pre-existing conditions — but only if the state has another way to take care of sick people, such as a high-risk pool or a "reinsurance" program to help compensate their insurer.
  • In those states, if someone with a pre-existing condition has kept themselves insured, they wouldn't be charged more because of their health condition. If they haven't stayed insured, they could be charged more.
  • People who didn't stay insured could also be charged a 30 percent penalty in their premiums, but that penalty could be waived.

Republicans will check in with their members later this week to see if the compromise gets them any closer to the 216 votes they'd need to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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