Apr 5, 2017

Republicans' favorite CRA law has a deadline

Before President Trump, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) law — which only requires a simple majority vote to pass resolutions to the previous administration's regulations — had only been used once, by George W. Bush in 2001. Trump has signed 11 resolutions into law under the CRA since Jan. 20, but on April 28 Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation through the CRA.

The details: A new administration is given 60 legislative days to use the CRA, and it is only allowed to propose resolutions to the previous administration's regulations that were passed in the final 60 legislative days of their tenure.

Quick take: Trump hasn't been able to pass any major bills that he's passionate about, like AHCA, nor has he introduced any major legislation. Using the CRA to pass resolutions into law has afforded the Trump administration numerous (record-setting) small victories, but after its looming deadline they will have to figure out another way.

Why it matters: White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short told reporters during a call Wednesday that the administration is "pulling back the regulatory burden" placed on American taxpayers, and he claimed that the 11 resolutions could save the economy $10 billion over 20 years.

What's next: Two more regulations are pending for them to sign, and there are some that have passed the House and are headed to the Senate, all by April 28 when the window closes.

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