May 10, 2017

Reporters on Sarah Sanders: She's better than Sean Spicer


Many in the D.C. press corps were surprised to learn Tuesday night that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, rather than Sean Spicer, would brief on Wednesday. With Spicer on Naval Reserve duty, he'll be handing over the podium to Sanders for a few days. The reviews for Sanders are in:

  • John Harwood, CNBC: "Sanders is better at briefing than Spicer."
  • Maggie Haberman, NY Times: "Sanders obfuscates same as Spicer. Also does it without making deeply personal, petty, condescending."
  • Josh Dawsey, Politico: "Sarah Sanders parries, spins and obfuscates, too. But she's not condescending and seems comfortable at the podium doing it."
  • Dylan Byers, CNN: "Sanders is at least a little defensive and condescending… she may be above Spicer but she's miles behind, say, Earnest."
  • David Nakamura, Washington Post: "Sarah Sanders is not as directly combative as Spicer but she slips in plenty of snark at press during the briefings."
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