Mar 22, 2017

Report: change in House GOP tax credits could make 7 million veterans ineligible

AP file photo

Chris Jacobs, a conservative health care analyst, discovered that a "technical change" to the tax credits could cut out veterans who are eligible for Veterans Administration health care but not enrolled in it. According to Jacobs, as many as 7 million veterans could be ineligible for the tax credit under the new language.

The House Rules Committee is meeting now, so it would have been easy for them to just introduce another technical amendment to rewrite the language. But the big question, Jacobs writes, is: "What other changes, tweaks, errors, or other unintended consequences might such rushed legislation contain?"

Update: Republicans say veterans wouldn't actually be shut out of the tax credit. They're eligible now through a regulation, but House Republicans wanted to write that into law. The Senate said no, because that could violate the rules of the budget "reconciliation" procedure they're using. So House Republicans took the language out, and will try to pass it separately. Meantime, the regulation is still in place.

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