Jun 1, 2017

Profiling Jared Kushner, "the good son"

Andrew Harnik / AP

TIME cover story, "Family first: If one thing emerged crystal clear from the muddy first months of his father-in-law's presidency, it's that Jared Kushner prefers the background," by Editor-at-Large Karl Vick:

  • "The quiet man is now conspicuous, having been slurped into the spotlight by the tentacles of [the] Russia investigation."
  • "The bar to prove that someone improperly colluded with a foreign power is very high, and even the most aggressive investigators use a note of caution when speaking of Kushner's role in the probe."
  • "Inside the White House, the promise of Kushner and his wife playing a moderating force may be overblown. They are more politically liberal than most but view themselves primarily as Trump's protectors."
  • "Kushner's ability to skirt the system has made him popular among the town's diplomatic corps but has led to strains inside the building."
  • "Now, with adjacent windows overlooking the White House lawn, [Kushner and Trump] are bound to rise or fall together."
  • One U.S. official familiar with the investigation says of Kushner: "He's an ends-justifies-the-means guy. It could be naivete, but the investigation is about finding that out."
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