Mar 12, 2017

Price: Success for Trumpcare would be more people covered at lower costs

Evan Vucci / AP

Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price set a high bar for Trumpcare this morning, predicting on NBC's "Meet the Press" that it will cover more people than Obamacare regardless of what the Congressional Budget Office predicts. When asked by moderator Chuck Todd how he'd define success, Price declined to set an exact coverage goal — but he said success "means more people covered than are covered right now, and at an average cost that is less. And I believe we can firmly do that with the plan that we've laid out there."

Why it matters: Nearly everyone expects that the CBO estimates, which could come out this week, will project that millions of people could lose health coverage under the GOP replacement plan. Like other Republicans, Price is already laying the groundwork to reject that prediction by undermining CBO's credibility, noting that its original estimates for health coverage gains under Obamacare were too high.

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