Sep 12, 2017

Photos of Trump and Pence are missing from federal offices

"Nine months after Donald Trump's inauguration, pictures of the president and Vice President Pence are missing from thousands of federal courthouses, laboratories, military installations, ports of entry, office suites and hallways, and from U.S. embassies abroad," the WashPost's Lisa Rein writes:

  • "On the walls are empty picture hooks left when workers took down official portraits of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on Jan. 20."
  • "The Government Publishing Office says it has yet to receive the images from the White House."
  • "[T]he White House says the president and vice president have not yet decided when they will sit for the type of high-quality official photographs usually churned out by the modern GPO, continuing a portrait tradition that began after the Civil War."

Be smart: It's Day 236. For an administration that has been slow to staff up and get the hang of governing, this is a symbol that could stick.

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