May 9, 2017

Phone tag: How Kushner's NAFTA call went down

Alex Brandon / AP

Apparently, the United States and Canada can't agree on how the call from Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump (that apparently saved NAFTA two weeks ago) came about. Both involve Jared Kushner and calls to Canadian compatriots, but the timeline is in dispute.

The White House's story: Trudeau aides called Kushner in a frenzy over media reports that Trump wanted to back out of NAFTA. Kushner said that Trudeau needed to talk to Trump directly, and he called the Canadians back when Trump was ready to chat.

The Canadian version: Kushner called Trudeau's chief of staff first, telling her that Trump was free to talk about NAFTA — and that Trudeau might want to call now.

One big question: The narratives put Kushner on very different sides of the issue: Did he do a favor for his Canadian counterparts or did he undermine his father-in-law?

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