Sep 22, 2017

Original Trix with artificial flavors makes a comeback

"They're BACK!" Original Trix cereal in its "Classic" box Photo: AP

"Silly Rabbit! Original Trix With Artificial Colors Is Back After Customers Revolt: Using radishes and turmeric instead of Red 40 and Yellow 6 didn't work for children and adults alike" — Wall Street Journal A-hed by Annie Gasparro:

  • "General Mills ... started selling all-natural Trix in early 2016 made ... with radishes, purple carrots and turmeric."
  • The company's "seven reformulated, all-natural cereals boosted sales by 6% ... At the same time, natural-ingredient haters [!] flooded the company with calls, emails and social-media posts."
  • "So ... General Mills has decided to reintroduce the original, more-vibrant Trix, artificial flavorings and all, and will start selling it on supermarket shelves alongside the more wholesome version in October."
  • Why it matters: "The reintroduction of Classic Trix is a reversal of General Mills' pledge two years ago to remove artificial colors and flavors from all its cereal brands."
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