Jul 23, 2017

Norwegians building container ship with hopes of autonomy​ by 2020

Norwegian companies are developing a container ship for hauling fertilizer on short, autonomous legs, with the hopes of grander plans down the line, by the Wall Street Journal's Costas Paris.

  • "The Yara Birkeland now under development is scheduled in late 2018 to start sailing fertilizer 37 miles down a fiord from a production facility to the port of Larvik. Using the Global Positioning System, radar, cameras and sensors, the electric ship is designed to navigate itself around other boat traffic and to dock on its own."
  • "The vessel will cost $25 million, about three times as much as a conventional container ship of its size, but its backers say without need for fuel or crew it promises to cut annual operating costs by up to 90%."
  • "The Birkeland will become autonomous in stages. At first, a single container will be used as a manned bridge on board. Then the bridge will be moved to shore and become a remote-operation center. The ship will eventually run fully on its own, under supervision from shore, in 2020."

How it will work, in video:

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