Aug 25, 2017

New: Trump to let House GOP write his tax plan

Alex Brandon / AP

Beginning next week, President Trump plans to spend several weeks selling the benefits of tax reform, with a flurry of speeches on the road, rallies (including the Rust Belt), and meetings at the White House.

But administration officials tell us that based on their experience with health reform, they plan to let Capitol Hill drive the details, rather than releasing the White House plan that once had been promised.

  • The working plan is expected to come from the House Ways and Means Committee, in the latter part of September. "We need the Ways and Means Committee to own it," a top administration official told me.
  • A senior source says Trump will sell this hard, in a way that he never did with health care.
  • Trump will argue that tax reform is necessary to spur economic growth, and will talk up tax simplification and what that would mean for individuals.
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