Apr 18, 2017

Netflix laps its rivals on internet streaming

Netflix accounts for nearly half of the internet streaming time spent by adults in the U.S., according to Nielsen data.

  • Netflix - 46%
  • Youtube - 15%
  • Hulu - 8%
  • Amazon - 4%
  • Other - 11%
  • Secure unresolved - 17%

Why it matters: Netflix's subscription growth may be slowing, but that's because its user base is pretty saturated in the U.S. Per Nielsen, Netflix is available to 51.2% of U.S. households, which is far more than its subscription rivals. (Amazon Prime is available in 28.6% of U.S. households and Hulu Plus is available in 12.7% of U.S. households.) Netflix has been able to command a sizable lead over its competitors in user engagement, surpassing Amazon by 10x and YouTube by 3x.

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