Apr 19, 2017

Men who earn less than their wives become more partisan

Khrawlings / Flickr cc

There's a direct correlation between a man's breadwinner status and his political stance, according to a new study published in the Harvard Business Review. The study, which looks at mens' views relative to their wives', shows that when a woman out-earns her husband, the husband becomes more partisan.

Data points: The study revealed that Republican men who contributed less to their household income than they did two years earlier became increasingly conservative on issues like abortion and government aid to African Americans. Meanwhile, Democratic men who were out-earned by their wives became bigger proponents of abortion and more supportive of aid to African Americans.

What this means: Being the primary breadwinner is still a big part of gender identity for many American men, and it can largely influence their political beliefs — whether in doubling down on their partisan views, or loosening their political attitude.

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