Oct 11, 2017

Meet the Siri-like chatbot that acts as a political advisor

Screengrab: Hope launch video

A Siri-like chatbot called Hope wants to be your personal political advisor, and you can communicate with her directly through your phone starting today. The team at Purpose, a lab for "world-changing ideas and movements," created Hope to deliver personalized ways people can take political action based on breaking news. "Hope's motto is 'don't freak out, act smart,'" said Josh Hendler, Chief Technology Officer at Purpose and product lead for Hope.

How it works: Hope sends breaking news alerts to users via text message or on their phone's internet browser. Soon, it will be available on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Android and iOS apps. Users can reply to Hope's news alerts by asking things like "How can I help?" which will then prompt Hope to provide information about local protests or gatherings in response to the news. The alerts are "evidence-based recommendations"

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