Jun 22, 2017

McConnell details what's next for GOP health bill


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate's timeline for getting their newly-released health bill to a vote, saying he expects a CBO score next week. "After that we will proceed to robust debate and open amendment process here on Senate floor," said McConnell.

He then addressed the criticism that the GOP had been working on this bill in secret. "I regret that our democratic friends made clear early on that they did not want to work with us in a serious and bipartisan way to address the Obamacare status quo," McConnell said. "But Republicans believe we have a responsibility to act, and we are."

Note: McConnell also pointed out that no amendment to the GOP Senate bill can be approved until posted publicly for 72 hours and with the CBO score. House GOP members were criticized for voting on the bill without a CBO score.

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