May 31, 2017

Mary Meeker's annual internet predictions


Ina Fried/Axios

OK. It's impossible to condense Mary Meeker's massive 300-page annual tech trends report, but here are a few highlights of what she just presented at Code Conference.

  • Internet advertising will surpass TV this year, with 85 percent of the growth going to Google and Facebook.
  • Smartphone growth continues to slow.
  • China is still huge. China Mobile seeing 30 percent usage growth, 12 percent user growth
  • India has 355 million Internet users with strong usage growth. But the key to the next 200 million is how quickly smartphone and mobile service prices drop.
  • Watching people play video games, aka eSports, is actually huge and growing fast
  • Healthcare is at a digital inflection point (But Meeker ran out of time to talk about that.)

The full slide deck is on Kleiner Perkins' site and embedded below.

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