Jul 19, 2017

Liberal group targets anti-Trump FB ads at WH staff

Priorities USA, a left-of-center advocacy organization, is launching today a digital advertising campaign against the Trump administration's election integrity commission, Axios has learned.

  • The targeted ad campaign will display mobile banner ads on websites (except some news sites) for anyone within a two-mile radius of the White House, says Symone Sanders, strategist for communications and political outreach for the organization.
  • "Anyone who logs onto Facebook at the White House and is a White House employee (according to Facebook's data, which includes what people list as their employer) will see these ads."
  • Sanders says this sends a clear message to the administration: "Hands off our voting rights," she says. "This is an issue that is of keen importance — that no one is going to stand for normalizing stifling the right to vote."
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