Nov 20, 2017

Lawmaker says ex-congressman tried to forcibly kiss her

Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado told MSNBC's Katy Tur that her then-colleague in the House, former Rep. Bob Filner, tried to pin her against an elevator door and kiss her. Filner was ousted from his position as mayor of San Diego in 2013 after multiple female staff members came forward with allegations of assault and harassment.

  • On harassment in Congress: "What strikes me in this conversation is that a lot of my colleagues and others have said this is going on, but they seem somehow so reluctant to say who did it."
  • On the allegations against Sen. Al Franken: "I thought [he] very appropriately apologized and said that ... his future should be decided by the Ethics Committee."
  • On whether Franken should resign: "If these things had happened now, while Senator Franken was a senator, then I think probably he should resign," but the alleged incident described by Leeann Tweeden took place before Franken was elected.
  • On the second accusation leveled against Franken, which took place after he was elected to the Senate: "The Ethics Committee needs to investigate and decide whether that's true."
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