Aug 2, 2017

Kelly told Sessions his job is safe

Susan Walsh / AP

A day after Gen. John Kelly was named the new chief of staff, he called Attorney General Jeff Sessions to let him know his job was safe, according to the AP. President Trump had attacked Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe, venting in a New York Times interview, in a press conference and on Twitter.

Kelly reportedly delivered the call on Saturday. On Monday, incoming Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump has "100 percent confidence" in all of his Cabinet.

Why it matters: The call shows that Kelly is intent on getting the White House in working order by eliminating sources of controversy and internal division.

This sounds familiar: After incurring Trump's wrath, other administration figures, notably Steve Bannon, were also able to escape the president's doghouse (though it's not certain that Sessions is fully in the clear).

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