Jul 8, 2017

Ivanka Trump steps in for POTUS at G20

Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa via AP

Ivanka Trump stepped in for President Trump during a roundtable discussion on "Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health" at the G20 Summit today. She initially joined the session with POTUS, but took his seat at the table (next to British PM Theresa May and just a few down from Russian President Vladimir Putin) when Trump had to step out briefly.

Why it matters: Ivanka is technically an "assistant to the president," but she's also his daughter, which muddles that role and the optics of her involvement in administration matters. Furthermore, this isn't the first time Ivanka has joined high-level meetings with foreign leaders — last Thursday she attended the bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

And Ivanka launched a global women's entrepreneurship program, in partnership with the World Bank, at the G20 Summit today. More on that here.

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